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 Thanks so much for your help, you & the guys are great! Hope you know you can also count on us as a reference. Will get with Mark on sheetrock when we can. If you get a chance, let me know about the foundation company your family used (when I’m able to go down that path.)

   - Penny & Mike Henson


    I wanted to let you know that I received your invoice and have mailed a payment check to your Kemah address earlier today, you should receive it early next week. I also wanted to let you know that I am happy with your work. I have used the lawn sprinklers and the two new hose connections which are now supplied through the new water meter, and everything works OK. Also, the holes and ditches were filled back in nicely and the sod placed neatly on top of the dirt. I appreciate that. Now I just have to make sure that I keep the sod well watered for awhile, because it had about a week to dry out due to the delay in getting the inspection. Thanks.   

    - Steve Winkle

  Dear Sir,

I just wanted to thank you for the speed of your response  and outstanding service on Christmas day. Having tried various other plumbers since 06.00 this morning, we finally called you and wow what fantastic service! You truly helped us when we needed it. What a great guy Arthur is-he should be giving classes at U of H in customer service-fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! He is brilliant!!! Once again thank you, I will never use another plumber ever again.

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.

   - Mark and Angela Reader



    The plumbing firm “All About Plumbing” just completed a 4 day re-pipe to remove and replace all the galvanized piping in my house. The firm is owned by Noah Espinoza at 713-516-7326 in Kemah.

    They did an outstanding job at my house and also last year when they re-piped my daughter's house. Both houses are two stories which certainly adds to the re-piping challenge. My house presented several unique challenges which they quickly found a way to resolve.

    They are very professional and easy to work with, take extra care to maintain a clean work site and thoroughly clean up when the work is complete, protect surrounding areas in your home, and are reasonably priced.

    I highly recommend Noah and his firm for any minor or major plumbing needs at your house.

    - Fred Himes



    We recently had our home repiped by your firm. My wife and I would like you to know that we were impressed with the professional work performed by your employees, Omar and Andy. They worked tirelessly during one of the hottest weeks we have had this summer. Their can-do and upbeat attitude made the whole ordeal a pleasant experience. Each time before they left, they made sure our house was clean and back in order. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone needing your services .

    Thank You Again.

    - William A. Young


    Just want you to know that having your crew here this week has been very pleasant. They worked hard, were courteous, friendly and fun. I am very pleased with their work and their behavior. You can count on me to recommend your establishment to my friends.


    - Sarah Livingston



    Thanks again so much for helping with that house. You guys are 2 for 2 on me with quick service and from what I know of plumbing pretty darn good prices. I will keep on recommending you to anyone I know of.

    Thanks again.

    - Richard Cole



   Thank you again for coming to the rescue, yet again with our elderly home. Great job Andrew and AJ. Be sure to ask the bosses for a raise.

    - Jennifer M. Rodriguez


   Thanks for the good job. Your guys were polite and professional. Best part was they didn’t leave a mess behind. I will be calling you back for any future plumbing needs I may have.
  Thanks again
  - Mike Jankowski



    I want to let you know how much we appreciate the work by your company to repair the water leak last Friday at my home in Pearland. Your employees, I believe their names were Andrew and Roe were courteous and considerate. They removed their shoes when they came into the house as not to track in dirt. They backfilled the hole and replanted a shrub that had to be removed. I had very little work to repair the landscaping when they left.

    I will certainly use your company again if needed and recommend your company to others.

    - Art & Lucille Foster



    Thank you very much for the job well done by Andrew and Delfino. I have every confidence that all the will be successful. Andrew is a master plumber. He certainly knows the elements of his work. I appreciate so much his patience and kindness to me while my home was in such an upheaval. Delfino is also a good helper who works well with Andrew. They are and excellent team. 

    I will certainly recommend your plumbing company to anyone because of their efficiency and expediency. Noah, these two men are the best. I know you appreciate them as do I. 

Thank you also for sending Mr. Jose. His work was also excellent. His patience is remarkable because just as he finished one ditch, Noah and Andrew came on the scene and told him “No. I want the ditch to go in an entirely different direction”. Also, much to my surprise, I discovered the first ditch already refilled and re-sodded when I returned from the hotel where I slept this morning. My sidewalk and patio re-swept.
  Now we are waiting for Houston’s inspectors to sign off on the whole job. 
  Thank you again for good work given, kindness received and  running water. 

    - Beverly Eberts




    Just wanted to say thanks and let you know what a great time Kalani & I had at the Rodeo. We wouldn’t have been able to go without your generosity. Your mom was a sweetheart and we both enjoyed her company. My mom passed away last year and it was just nice being around a lady like that



    Noah and Crystal, Thank you so much for helping  us out with the bathroom fixtures to help Corky after his hospital stay. They have really helped him and he doesn’t have to worry about falling. We really appreciate your kindness. Hope to see you soon. Miss Gabby is too cute.


   - Corky, Nancy & Meg


    Crystal, we just wanted to tell you guys that we thought that Andrew and his crew did a good job, and we appreciate them trying to make this as easy on us as possible. So, thanks for the really good service. Thanks for your plumbing job

    Take care.

    - Kathy



    Dear Mr. Espinoza
  You and your Comapny, All About Plumbing, are a class act. The plumbing project to replace the water piping in my 60 year-old home exceeding my wildest expectations in time, scope and quality. I think it was an unusually difficult job and your plumbers, Andrew Rios and AJ Hernandez, rose to the occasion…real professionals. The League City Inspector, also pronounced it a “Good Job” this morning.

    I would consider it a privilege to be a reference for your Company. 

    - Wallace Maurer



    Hi, Alissa,

    I called your cousin's plumbing business last night, after calling them yesterday afternoon and then canceling. (long story) Videl (sp?) came this afternoon. Wow! WE HAVE WATER!!! My husband was here and said that he was a real pro! And very reasonable. Thank you for giving me the number. We will keep their number and also, recommend them to anyone I hear who needs a plumber. Terrific!! (can you tell I am delighted to have water?)

    Have a great weekend.

    - Chris



    To All About Plumbing,

    As you know, this week you replaced my attic water lines with pex piping and installed a Rinnai R-94 tankless water heater on the back side of my residence. I was the maintenance superintendent for the Pasadena Paper Company for years so I am very familiar with the task that was performed at my home. I want to let you know that I am an very satisfied with the price, the craftsmanship, and the housekeeping during and after the job was completed. Andrew Rios was excellent, as was Ro and RJ Hernandez. The job was performed in a very timely fashion, Andrew addressed any concerns or questions my wife or I had and was a pleasure to deal with. These guys made All About Plumbing shine as far as we are concerned. 

    My wife and I would certainly appreciate it if you would let them know that we were well pleased with their service, they are truly an asset to All About Plumbing. In the future I will direct folks to your business and we would be happy to talk to anybody about your work ethic and craftsmanship should anyone want a personal reference. 

    Thanks again for a job well done,

    - AnnaDeane and Tim Bounds


    I would like to let you know of the outstanding job done by Arthur and Fred as they ran a gas service line to our fire place. Their appearance, friendliness, knowledge of job, professionalism and thoroughness was very impressive. They represented your company in very positive manner in which you can be proud. This is the second job your folks have have done here, the first being a standby generator through SGG of Pearland. Very good job there also.

    Just a quick note to let you know that Vidal repaired a plumbing problem at our house today and I want to let you know he did an excellent job. 
    - Pete Hanik

    I appreciate the friendly, professional  attitude of everyone from All About Plumbing. The installed lines look great, everything was done in a timely manner, the old concrete and the waste were cleared out, and my yard looks great. I can barely see where the trenches were! I appreciate the excellent job that Vidal, Andrew, and the crew did for us. Also, Crystal and the office staff were friendly, helpful and prompt in their response to our questions and needs. Altogether an excellent job, and I sincerely thank you all!

    - Wanda Clouse

    On Behalf of the Kemah Citizens Polica Academy Alumni Association, we want to thank you for your most generous gift of $100. This money will be used wisely for our Kemah Police.
  Thank you once again.
   - Philip White, President KCPAAA

    When you just can't DIY and are in need of a plumber, All About Plumbing is the one to call! I've tried several plumbers throughout the years and, as is the case with most contractors, was never fully satisfied and in most cases was quite unsatisfied. Thus is not the case with AAP. We had a burst copper water line occur this past Sunday morning and so were w/o water until Monday. (No water on Sunday means I stayed hydrated with Shiner Blonde instead. Life is full of compromises.) Vidal, from AAP, came out Monday afternoon and immediately diagnosed the problem and repaired it, in about one hour's worth of time. As he sat in his truck preparing THE BILL, I rehydrated and prepared for the worst. Wow, was I elated when he presented me with a bill for $172.97!! Most plumbers charge that just for the house call. Agreed, this was a one-time experience with AAP, but I will definitely be giving them another call when I need a plumber. I am not one to hand out kudos indiscriminately, but I feel that my first experience with AAP justified some sort of recognition. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, I hereby award a 9 to AAP. If Vidal had slipped on a pair of disposable booties before entering the shack, I would have awarded a 10.

    Thank you, All About Plumbing

    - Brad Klein in Bay Knoll

    Attn: Mr. Noah Espinoza

I am writing to express my appreciation for the excellent job that All About Plumbing did in re-piping my home. Your employees, Andrew Rios and Aaron Hernandez included me in carefully planning their work before starting which I appreciated knowing what to expect and how to plan our day. Mr. Rios reiterated that the job would take only 2 days (I had been told five by another company) and that they would have at least one bathroom operational by that night. They worked diligently throughout the day and by evening they had the bathroom operational so that we could stay in our home that night (another company had said that we should plan to stay in a hotel). They came back the next morning and completed the job by the end of that day as promised. Their work was neat and professional and when the job was complete they thoroughly cleaned up all work areas. They were courteous and polite to my wife and myself during the entire job.

    All About Plumbing included several things as part of the job (complete piping insulation, replacement of the water heater vent and cap, etc .) that were considered extras by other companies and yet your cost bid was the most reasonable of five bidders. I also deeply appreciated the City Inspector arriving the next morning to inspect the work so that the sheetrock repair could be done right away (the inspector commented that the job was well done).

    I will certainly contact All About Plumbing in the future should I require plumbing work and would recommend your company to anyone needing plumbing service.

    Please express our appreciation to Andrew and "AJ" for a job well done.

    - Larry Meeker

    Gary and Aaron took care of our plumbing needs today. They were on time and very professional. They cleaned up after themselves which was much appreciated. We've used All About Plumbing before at my home and my work. Would recommend them to everyone.

    - Cindy Marker

  Thanks once again for your prompt service. Hope the new line works well & fisxed the problem! Have a good one.
   - Nancy D

  Have a great day All About Plumbing!
   - Lisa

  We, the Kemah Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, would like to request any and all gifts that you would be able to supply us with for this year’s 10th annual Cops and Crawfish. We will be holding this event on May 05, 2012. The Crawfish dinner is our biggest fundraiser for the year and where we get the bulk of our funds for the year.

    We are a non-profit 501c3 group whose sole purpose is to raise money to support the Kemah Police Department. We have used the funds gathered from the Crawfish dinner to supply the department with DOT Safety vests, reversible DOT approved winter coats, LED flashlights for the officers, and finger print kits for their patrol units. We promise to be as responsible with your donation as you would expect us to be in support of our local police department. 

    Again, we thank you for your donation.

    - Philip White, President KCPAAA

    Thank you for always taking care of my clients & me.
   - Lisa Borey



    Thank you for being a part of our Fairy Tale Fashion Show.
  You helped turn a dream into a reality and build a bridge between hurting and healing
   - Ken



    Thank you so much for supporting our Little Coogs program and Houston Athletics. I appreciate it very much and I know the youth will appreciate too. Love you guys! Go Coogs!
   - Celena


    I want to thank you for your help & also for the professionalism & integrity you showed in your work!
  - Laura Vincent


    Thanks Crystal for taking care of this so fast!
  Take care,
  - Robin Weiss


Thanks so much! You guys are the best!!


Thanks so much for taking care of the Gaughan’s plumbing needs!


    Good Morning!

    Just sending a HUGE Thank You for the service we received yesterday from Jeremy and Noel. Oh my goodness, our year has been such a nightmare and we had put off having our leaks looked at for quite some time because, well…life gets in the way sometimes.

    I had seen your beautiful trucks for years around the Bay area but one day last week I was driving down Highway 3 and saw three trucks going in different directions. I feel God finally stopped me right behind one at NASA Parkway and I was reading all the advertisement realizing pretty much everything listed was exactly what we nee to have done here at our house! I snapped a photo of your truck for the phone number and immediately went home and scheduled a service call.

    The minute your two professionals showed up, I felt at ease and they went right to work searching for what we believed would be a massive leak hidden somewhere in our walls and ceiling. After some time doing several tests and making inspections, Jeremy and Noel saw that the damage wasn’t at all related to plumbing, but from a hole in the roof before it was repaired last year! What a relief, I can’t even describe.

    We also needed a new disposal which they replaced in no time.

I can’t put to words how grateful we are for your business around here. We have another project in the making that will require plumbing in our bathroom and we look forward to having your team out here again, hopefully soon.

    Highly recommending you to everyone within your service area!

    Thank you again and God bless!!!

    - Julie and Jeff Ball, Clear Lake City


Letters from satisfied customers

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